GSU Research Areas



1) Crustal Geodynamics

• Structural, stratigraphic and metamorphic evolution of the Precambrian Eastern Ghats belt and other South Indian terrain with geochronological constraints.

• Geodynamic evolution of the cratonic basins of the Precambrian

2) Evolution of Sedimentary Basins with their sedimentology, paleoclimate and depositional history:

• Proterozoic Basins of India.

• Gondwana Basins of Peninsular India

• Mesozoic and Cenozoic Basins of Kutch, Sourastra, Dwarka, Jaisalmer etc.

3) Phanerozoic Faunal Record as widows to Evolutionary and Developmental Paleobiology 

• Mesozoic non-marine Gondwana tetrapods of India

• Cenozoic marine gastropod fauna of India

• Alluvial invertebrate trace fossils from the Mesozoic Gondwana deposits of India

• Tertiary marine vertebrates of Kutch Basin, India

• Tertiary foraminifera of Kutch Basin India

4) Numerical analysis and modelling of geological data and geological systems in domains:

• GIS based analysis of geospatial data

• Morphometric and shape analyses of fossils and other geological objects

• Evolutionary taxonomy

• Numerical modelling of earth surface and hydrogeologic processes

• Patterns of the Proterozoic carbonate cycles to understand the relations between climatic change and eustatic sea-level variation.